Organise your home with our decal labels!

Add them to food jars, cleaning products and more. 


Just select your font style and colour. 


When adding vinyl decals please follow the steps on our steps.

1. Use a credit card or scrapper tool to rub over the transfer tape. This adheres the font to the tape and is ready for application. If you lift the tape from the backing and the font is not lifting, repeat this step. 

2. Prepare your surface that you want to stick the decal to. We recommend using alcohol solution or wipes, but if you do not have those on hand, use vinegar solution or another cleaning solution. (Please be careful what solution you use as it may not suit the surface).

3. Carefully move the transfer tape with the attached font, to the surface that you want to apply it to. 

4. When you are happy with your placement, use your scrapper tool and rub on top of the transfer tape. This should apply the decal to the surface. If not, repeat this step until your decal has been applied. 

5. Gently peel away the transfer tape and your decal should now be in place. 


Please note - 

If you wish to dish wash your items, you do so at your own risk.

We do not recommend dishwashing items that have decals on them. 

When washing the item, do not scrub over the decal, as it may remove it. If you do wish to wash over the decal, we would recommend gently using your hand or pressing over it with a soft sponge or wipe. Any vigourous rubbing may remove your decal. 



Cleaning Decal Labels

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